Concentrate Packaging

Oils, shatters, and waxes a likely a hot seller for your business. Package them properly with the help of MMC Depot. Our concentrate containers come in a variety of sizes and materials perfect for your cannabis concentrates and connoisseurs.

What Concentrate Containers Are Best for Your Business?

• Economical Polystyrene
Cost effective and easy to use, businesses and patrons love plastic hash oil containers. Part of a great storage system for carrying herb and concentrate together, this everyday alternative fits inside the lid of most 90ml jars. Just loosen the lid and press fit the container into the lid cavity… and you can remove the concentrate jar while the lid stays put.

• Attractive Acrylic
Acrylic hash oil containers offer a high-end look perfect for customer display presentations. Our flashy yet economical acrylics are BPA free, with the added benefit of thicker walls and a more rounded bottom allowing for a slightly larger capacity than other concentrate containers.

• Slippery Silicone
Super sticky concentrates have met there match with the non-stick properties of silicon concentrate containers. Rapidly becoming a customer favorite, these concentrate containers securely store oil, wax, and dabs without materials permanently becoming glued to container walls. A little more up-front cost, these containers are NOT “throw-aways,” so go all out with custom printing or embossing/debossing that’ll promote your business to dutiful dabbers.

• Gold Standard Glass
Believe it or not, glass hash oil containers offer the latest in concentrate container development and technology. Why? Glass is considered the “gold standard” for cannabis storage and is a brand new packaging offering for dabs, oils, and wax. Glass concentrate containers feature a secure, leak proof snap cap lid that is easy to operate atop a light, strong glass container body. Lids colors include black and white, but can be custom ordered in a rainbow of colors with added custom printing for a unique look that markets your business.

Whether a little dab will do ‘ya or you’re pouring it on, MMC Depot can help you find the perfect concentrate containers for your business. Contact us today.