Dab Containers

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Whether you’re selling concentrate to people new to marijuana use, or to experienced marijuana users they may be new to dabbing and dabbing equipment. Using packaging specifically designed to be dab containers reassures your clients and customers and gives your shop a professional image. MMC Depot sells an economy line and a specialty line of dab containers.

Both our economy line and our specialty line are made of ecofriendly, recyclable polystyrene that is resistant to heat and chemicals. Labels stick without slipping or fading to polystyrene making it an exceptional packaging material for branding and marketing. The lids are airtight, pop tops and the whole container is child proof and shatter resistant. The containers are made in the USA.

Our economical 3 dram, dab container is unlined and holds 31mm of product. People in their 20’s make up most of the dab users population. This packaging works perfectly for young people on a budget, or new and experimental users wanting to try dabbing before they invest in expensive equipment.

The outer cartridges of our specialty dab containers are also made of polystyrene. They are lined with an inner container made of silicone. The silicone used is natural and uncolored and completely nontoxic. Silicone is nonstick which allows users to access every last drop of dab. These dab containers are for the committed, concentrate user who don’t want to waste a drop of their dab.