Retail and dispensary cannabis sales are a diverse and competitive market. MMC Depot covers all the bases. We stock jars for cannabis leaf and bud. We carry bottles and vials for beverages and tinctures. Our containers are thoroughly researched and developed to meet state regs, be economical for dispensaries, and even be desirable to end consumers with great features like extra storage space for dabbing tools and syringes.
Medical Cannabis sales continue to be a strictly regulated market of a fragile product. All the containers that MMC Depot sells are ASTM certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are child resistant but, easy opening for aging adults. They comply with the packaging and labeling requirements of all the states that allow marijuana sales. At the same time, the containers we sell protect the contents from air, heat, and light and are odor proof. No matter what cannabis product a store carries, MMC Depot has the right container.

Choosing the right flower packaging for your marijuana shop, or dispensary means paying attention to details. Is the packaging secure and state compliant? Does it protect flower quality? Does it help emphasis your product and brand?

Packaging for Security

MMC Depot’s number 1 packaging concern is making sure that the cannabis containers we sell go beyond state requirements for container security. We know that different customers need different security measures. Accordingly, we stock containers that meet regulations in a variety of ways. We have the always popular Pop Top weed jars, the ever-reliable Push and Turn cannabis jars, easily accessible Wide Mouth Jarsthe standard Reversible Cap and high quality Glass Containers. To complete your security, we offer printed labels with state required information and compliance labels.

Packaging for Protection

Flowers remain a widespread way to consume marijuana. New Indicas, Sativas and hybrid strains are coming out daily. But those little buds are fragile. Flower containers need to keep the buds potent by protecting them from sun light, heat, and air. The containers should also keep the buds’ fresh with their unique aromas intact. MMC Depot only carries marijuana containers that are manufactured to be airtight and protectively sealed.

Packaging for Marketing

Packaging flowers for security and protection is important, but what brings customers to your door and sells product is marketing and branding. That’s why MMC Depot goes all out to help you customize your flower packaging. We start with the basics; containers in all sizes, shapes, and colors. From there we turn to consultation, custom packaging and labeling to develop what’s right for your store. We’ll use your designs, or help you come up with new packaging ideas. Whether you want to emphasize a new organic strain or an enduring classic we’ll help you highlight it.