Exit Packaging

We take exit packaging seriously, but we know that choice is important, too. Choose from a selection of top, quality exit bags, while knowing that the recreational, marijuana exit bags, we carry were developed for individual state compliance and the medical, pharmacy bags were developed specifically for dispensaries.

State compliant and ASTM Certified Exit packaging
Our exit bags follow the exact regulations of each state where marijuana is legally sold. They are child resistant, but easy opening for adults, odor proof, appropriately sized for the product and closable and reusable if holding more than one serving. They also adhere to ASTM testing requiring packaging to be opaque, resealable, and properly labeled.

Good exit packaging does more than adhere to state regulations. MMC Depot’s bags are made of high-quality material that is durable, protective, and reusable. The packaging discreetly, contains the marijuana aroma and shields the contents from light and air damage.

Medical, pharmacy bags
These paper, pharmacy bags are the favorite choice of pharmacies and medical establishments for exit compliant packaging. They provide customers a convenient way to carry their medication and products, while showcasing the products professionally. They come in natural Kraft and white. They lay flat, so they are economical to purchase, ship and store.

Because one size does not fit all, the exit bags we sell come in a variety of sizes from bags suitable for one product to bags that hold a multitude of products. The recreational dispensary bags are reusable. Customers will find them on inconspicuous way to carry their marijuana from home, to work, to play and back again. For the customer who appreciates a green alternative we carry a brand of exit bags, which are sustainable, renewable, and made by wind power.