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Push and Turn Weed Containers and Cannabis Jars

Looking for superior storage for your dried flower or MMJ edibles? Push and turn airtight child resistant cannabis jars by MMC Depot offer the perfect fit for your products and patrons. The affordable quality of CoolJarz Bowlz weed containers can’t be beat!

• Airtight
Airtight cannabis jars from MMC Depot keep smells in, preserving privacy and protecting against air and moisture, key factors effecting degradation. The exclusive double-sealed lid keeps product tasty, substantially extending shelf life and protecting the flavor of your products for worry-free pre-packaging and complete customer satisfaction.

• Light safe
Our black and white opaque weed containers with matching lids block harmful UV rays, the single biggest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. Pair the UV light blockage of our opaque marijuana jars with optimum storage conditions, and you’ll achieve some serious shelf life.

• Exceptionally designed
Featuring a curved bottom, these weed containers further prolong the shelf life of cannabis by supporting and protecting bud, keeping it intact and potent.

• Easily marketable
The perfect solution for prepackaged cannabis, its versatile exterior design can be stacked or nested for trouble free displays and fast customer access.

• Child safe and convenient
These cannabis jars easily screw and unscrew, with an arced lid and wide-mouth design for ease of access, while effortlessly conforming to state regulations and CPSC child safety standards for protection against poisoning.

• Reusable and recyclable
Wash and re-use this BPA free, FDA food safe weed container over and over, or recycle the pharmaceutical grade plastic and keep Mother Earth happy.

• Made in America
Supporting your neighbors and our nation’s economy.

Experience the difference exceptional weed containers can make. Contact MMC Depot and discover the advantages of CoolJarz Bowlz today.