Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-roll packaging is convenient for your customers. MMC Depot wants to make it convenient for you, too. That’s why we carry an assortment of everything your customers need to have the optimum smoking experience.

Blunt Tubes
With their large capacity, these blunt tubes are perfect for storing not just blunts, but any kind of wrap. They have a squeeze top opening that locks in the flavor while locking out air and moisture. The tubes come in opaque white and black and 109 and 99 mm sizes that have plenty of room for thick tobacco paper and the extra marijuana in a blunt. They are the ideal size for customized labels.

Pre-Roll Bags
These heavy-duty bags withstand air, moisture, and light. Carry them around in a pocket, or a purse, or even drop them! The cannabis is still protected. They come in white and clear and are smell-proof. They are amply sized for on-the-go use or storage.

Pre-Roll Cones
Pre-roll cones are an easy and effective way to smoke cannabis. We stock one of the largest, selection of quality, top names cones available. Choose from cones made of classic, cigarette paper, hemp, natural fibers, or premium rice paper. Order from our special small size to king size or a retail package with a selection of sizes. Consider a variety pack that lets you sample the pre-rolled cones without ordering a large amount. We have cones for individual rolling or use with pre-rolled filling machines. Cones with filter tips or without. Whichever cones you select, we guarantee, they’ll give your customers a slow, smooth smoke.

Rolling Papers
What’s your customer’s rolling paper sweet spot? Easy accessibility with a rolling paper dispenser? Papers made of rice? Pre-folded with a magnetic closure to keep the paper from being ruined? Maybe your customers prefer their papers in a pop out tray perfect for carrying in a pocket? Do they want natural, unbleached papers, or thin vegan papers with no additives? Whatever they want we’ve got it with an assortment of papers to suit every smoker.