Dispensary Supplies

You need more then packaging to showcase and sell your marijuana products; you need the dispensary supplies that make it simple to package and move your merchandise. That’s where MMC Depot excels. We’ve got all the supplies you need, in one place.

Compliance Labels
Our Compliance labels are exactly what they should be – bright, easy peel and stick on with bold regulatory symbols and wording.

Display Jars
These classic, jars are made of see through glass that highlight your buds, while keeping them fully protected. They come in a size for every display.

You and your staff handle a variety of materials and tasks. You need gloves for each purpose.

  • Vinyl gloves are inexpensive, loose fitting glove made of synthetic material. They’re all purpose gloves for handling general materials.
  • Latex gloves are elastic, touch sensitive gloves that pull on easily and are midrange in price. Made of natural rubber they’re biodegradable. They can pose a problem for people with latex allergies.
  • Nitrile gloves are industrial, or medical grade gloves. They’re resistant to punctures, abrasions, and chemicals. They’re more expensive, but they last longer.
  • Grow House
    Extra strong, free standing and labelable these are the perfect, all-purpose bags for storage transport and growing cannabis product. Find these bags in a choice of sizes, and in bulk packaging.

    Packaging solutions
    Keep everything on hand you need to successfully keep on top of packaging problems.

  • Heat Guns and Heat Sealers are the answer for bags that need to be quickly and efficiently sealed for product protection.
  • Shrink bands are an economical way to deliver fast, tamper proof packaging. Use them to seal the cap, or neck of your bottle or jar.
  • Tubing racks in small and large sizes for storage simplicity.
    Zip Ties and Resealable Zip Ties for quick, and convenient closure.