1 Gram DymaPak™ Child Resistant Exit Bag (2000 qty.) 3″x 3″


Quantity                                       Unit Price

1-4 cases                                      $400.00 ($0.20/each)

5-12 cases                                    $360.00 ($0.18/each)

13-24 cases                                  $320.00 ($0.16/each)

25+ cases                                     $280.00 ($0.14/each)

2000 units per case

*item sold by the case

Custom branding at NO additional cost when you purchase 25,000 units! Contact us for details!!!!

3″ x 3″ in dimensions

Holds 1 gram




This opaque bag specializes in keeping all of your flower, concentrate and infused products fresh and discrete. This large bag has a 4in Gusset at the bottom in order to hold large amounts and seals with a dual-tab (top and side) opening to ensure the security of your products.

The DymaPak™ Child-Resistant Bag is great for any retailer looking to be compliant in states that require child-resistant, opaque packaging. With its proprietary pull to open locking zipper, premium grade, multi-layer material, these opaque bags provide a sense of security that cannabis products won’t end up in the wrong hands. These bags are certified child-resistant and feature a tamper evident seal.

Dymapak Secure bags are like no other compliant storage option for producers of infused products and operators of medical and retail cannabis shops in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon – amongst others. Not only are the child resistant bags the most stylish on the market, they’re also dual-compliant as a “Container” and as an “Exit Package” under most state laws for Retail Marijuana and Medical Marijuana. This means that owners and operators can save a ton of money and warehouse space by using our smaller sizes as a combined container and exit package for smaller quantities of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs

Black/Black, White/White