60 Dram Wide Mouth Pop Top Certified Child Resistant Weed Jars


$.556 per unit

80 units per case

*item sold by the case

Unit holds 1/2 ounce (14 grams)

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The poptop is a hip, and playful container, retails in black and white. The container features a one piece, squeeze-type design with a pop top, and open hinged lid. One easy squeeze, by an adult, and the pop top opens. Children will not be able to access the cannabis because of the proprietary hinged lid.

This 60 dram pop top jar will hold up to 1/2 ounce of medical cannabis flower. Our containers and bottles are airtight and odor proof, which will help ensure the quality and privacy of your product. This airtight packaging feature will help your product stay fresher! And because we make our 60 dram pop top jars here in the USA from FDA approved, BPA Free polypropylene plastic materials you can ensure that your patients are storing their contents in safe easy to use packaging environment.


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Weight 8 lbs

Black, White