Wholesale Marijuana Packaging | Dispensary Supplies

Overjoyed at the thought of ordering marijuana packaging? Thanks to us, you will be. The container and packaging experts at MMC Depot know marijuana packaging. From knowing state and local regulations to the sourcing of safety-approved packaging, design and distribution, finding the right dispensary supplies for each and every product in your store is a simple phone call away.

Ready-to-roll or at a loss for words, we can help you design logos, artwork and labels perfect for marketing your business – in mega batches or small runs. State specific “Best Practices” have you pulling your hair out? We’ve got it handled. The best part? Economical pricing regardless of your dispensary supplies order level.

Do you know what type of marijuana packaging your dispensary needs? We do!

• Glass Jars
Perfect for storing cannabis, airtight glass jars encase your bud or leaf in dense, borosilicate glass, keeping product at its freshest. Dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and available in a variety of sizes, these tight sealing jars can be emblazoned with baked on logos or imagery and rewritable labels for long lasting functionality.

• Display Jars
Apothecary style, thick-walled glass jars with a professional look that’ll last your store for years. Custom printing available.

• Marijuana Bags
Wrap it up with marijuana bags suited for everything from pre-rolls, edibles, and syringes to cultivation, shipping, and storage.

• Pre-Rolled Tubes
Protect grab-and-go product with regulation compliant pre-rolled tubes. Convenient, airtight, water resistant, odor proof, and child safe. An assortment of sizes perfect for joints, blunts, vape pens, and liquid concentrates.

• Concentrate Containers
We source the right containers for every type of concentrate – hash oil, wax, dab, and shatter, offering BPA free acrylic, polystyrene, glass and custom printed non-stick varieties.

• Hash Oil Syringes
High quality, mess free, patent pending syringes perfect for use with cartridge vapor pens and EvTI and EvSS dabbing tools. Hash oil syringes conveniently fit into product branding displays. Child resistant, with stainless steel tip upgrade available.

• Tincture Bottles & Vials
Child resistant and tamper evident amber tincture bottles for controlled dosage by the drop. Vials perfect for oils and other liquids.

• Edibles Packaging
Don’t let the specific, custom nature of marijuana packaging for edibles overwhelm you. We have BPA free, food grade and child safe custom fit and generic packaging for any kind of edible you can imagine: Infused juice, baked goods, candies, snacks, cooking products… You name it, we’ll help you keep it presentable, fresh, and safe from children.

• Child Resistant Packaging
CPSC approved and CFR compliant child resistant dispensary supplies approved for poison prevention, including pop-top stash jars and push-and-turn airtight stash jars.

• Various and Sundry Items
Like gloves and heat sealers. To better meet your marijuana packaging needs, our inventory expands every day!
K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Store-Owners), and leave the marijuana packaging to us. Perfect your packaging process. Give us a call today.

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