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About MMC Depot Marijuana Packaging

MMC Depot is a medical marijuana packaging company that specializes in wholesale marijuana containers for both medical and recreational uses. The company has a 100-year history in the packaging industry as a 4th generation, family owned division of Central Bag & Burlap Company (CBBC) – established in Denver in 1914 and focused solely on packaging supplies for a variety of industries and markets.

MMC Depot has capitalized on its legacy in food and specialty retail packaging, bringing together the best products, manufacturers, and distribution network to serve the marijuana dispensary industry in every state where marijuana consumption has been legalized.

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Medical Marijuana Packaging and Containers

Choosing the right medical marijuana containers and packaging can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’re experts – with the perfect regulation compliant, CPSC and CFR approved child resistant medical marijuana containers and packaging for every MMJ item in your store – and now if your margins are thin, we’re also providing an economy line!

With low minimum order quantities and customizable printing and packaging solutions from logo design to best practices labeling, you’ll never go wrong with the top of the line medical marijuana containers and packaging from MMC Depot. Let our 100-year history in the packaging industry give you the best in packaging solutions.

Looking for high quality medical marijuana containers? We’ve got it covered…


  • Glass Airtight Jars
    Thick walled, high quality storage and display jars from MMC Depot keep product looking and tasting its best. Dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and available in a variety of sizes. Available with baked on imagery and rewritable labels for long-lasting, hard-working form and function.
  • Stash Jars
    Our push and turn stash jars provide ample storage space, stackable display capabilities, and protect the potency and longevity of bud.
  • Push & Turn Jars
    Functional from storage to marketing, push and turn child resistant jars are exceptionally designed for ease-of-use and potency preservation.
  • Pop Top Jars
    Economically priced and fun, pop top child resistant jars by MMC Depot offer state compliant medical marijuana storage.
  • Joint & Blunt Tubes
    Keep pre-rolled products in top form with grab-and-go joint and blunt tubes – airtight, water resistant, odor proof, and child safe medical marijuana containers and packaging. Available in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect fit for every product.
  • Tincture Bottles & Glass Vials
    Precise dosage by the drop for items from oils to beverages.
  • Concentrate Containers
    Hash oil, wax, dab and shatter packaging available in a variety of styles: BPA free acrylic, polystyrene, glass and custom printed non-stick.Ready to take your medical marijuana business to the next level? MMC Depot can help. Contact us and experience first-hand what top-rate customer service and superior medical marijuana containers and packaging can do for you.

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