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Wholesale Marijuana Packaging, Extract Containers & Dispensary Supplies for the Cannabis Industry


MMC Depot is a medical marijuana packaging company that specializes in wholesale marijuana containers for both medical and recreational uses. The company has a 100-year history in the packaging industry as a 4th generation, family owned division of Central Bag & Burlap Company (CBBC) – established in Denver in 1914 and focused solely on packaging supplies for a variety of industries and markets.

MMC Depot has capitalized on its legacy in food and specialty retail packaging, bringing together the best products, manufacturers, and distribution network to serve the marijuana dispensary industry in every state where marijuana consumption has been legalized.

Why is this important?

When you buy your marijuana storage containers through us, you can rest assured that we will be here to serve you for the long-term. Our large inventory and buying power ensures our dispensary customers with a reliable supply chain of the latest in child-resistant marijuana containers, plastic bags, glass jars and plastic containers.

As North America’s premier packaging supply company serving the medical marijuana industry.

State regulations for marijuana storage containers are strict, especially when it comes to child safety; and given that cannabis can lose 5%-14% of its potency if not correctly packaged and stored, there are additional concerns for supplying the best marijuana packaging on the market to dispensaries nation-wide. MMC Depot understands marijuana packaging. From our way-cool CoolJarz containers, to our ultra-practical Cannabis bags, MMC Depot only sells medical marijuana containers that protect the cannabis while meeting all the state standards. Medical containers are designed to reduce the potency-lowering effects of air, light, and moisture to cannabis products. Any plastic used in cannabis packaging is of the highest standard pharmaceutical and food grade material. Our packaging is easily accessible, while still being child, and tamper resistant. We also carry sealing equipment and labels to complete your packaging needs.

MMC Depot marijuana packaging and storage is not all serious business! They also allow for some key branding and individualization. Fun, and funky or discreet, and understated, the choice is yours, and your customers!

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